ARKA Biotechnologie GmbH

ARKA Biotechnologie GmbH deals in selling and distributing biological and chemical products for the water treatment in the aquarium market. Our business focus is based on an innovative and eco-friendly range of biotech items to improve the quality of water in fresh and marine water aquariums.

Our product range  includes the brands MICROBE-LIFT® for water treatment. At the top of our range are the products from the American biotechnology company Ecological Laboratories and we are the cooperate Office Europe for their aquarium brand MICROBE-LIFT®. MICROBE-LIFT® is a world market leader in the field of water treatment for aquariums, garden ponds and industry.

The great success of this product line is due to the use of special bacteria as natural recyclers that are produced and developed according to application purpose.The combination of different bacteria provides a wide application area, almost all known water problems are solved in an eco-friendly way. MICROBE-LIFT® products are considered the most eco-friendly and natural products among all those available at present, their application is absolutely safe and secure because they are biodegradable and non-toxic. The outcome: cleaner water, healthier aquatic animals and ptimal growth.

Main features of our products

  • •  Improve water quality, cleaning the water
  • •  Strengthening of flora and fauna – higher health, better growth and longer life of fish and plants
  • •  Provides a natural balance and natural conditions in the aquarium
  • •  Degradation of inorganic pollutants such as nitrite, nitrate, ammonium and ammonia
  • •  Degradation of organic debris and organic compounds
  • •  Adding essential trace elements
  • •  Long range and high efficiency
  • •  All products are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable

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