Die Lösung für Ihre Nitrat- & Phosphat-Probleme !

Ab sofort im Handel erhältlich !

NOPO Control maximiert die Leistungsfähigkeit der im Aquarium vorhandenen Bakterien, womit selbst bei hohen Nährstoffwerten ein effizienter Abbau von Nitrat und Phosphat ermöglicht wird.

Perfect hold for your corals and plants !

Safe and easy to use.

Our Coralscaper gel & Plantscaper gel allow you to build your dream scape. Now also available in a practical 2 x 5 g packaging !

For colourful and detailed photographs !

The optimal accessories for your smartphone.

myScape Studio allows you to create colourful and detailed photos of your aquarium without colour distortion by the lighting (blue tint).

Join our great community!

The perfect place for questions, feedback and everything about our products.

The perfect care-product for every aquarium!

Aqua-Pure is the 100% biological allrounder for the optimal care of every salt- and freshwater aquarium. Thanks to it's special composition it is responsible for crystal-clear water, removes ammonium / nitrate, neutralises heavy metals, prevents algae problems, protects your aquarium's tenants and much more!

  • NOPO Control
  • Coralscaper / Plantscaper
  • myScape Studio
  • Community
  • Aqua-Pure

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