NEW - myAQUA1900

ARKA Aquatics osmosis system with 1900 L daily output

NEW - Pond products

The optimal care for a clean, healthy and well-functioning garden pond

NEW - ARKA Aquatics Osmosis systems

Filters up to 99 % of harmful substances & bacteria from your tap water

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On our YouTube channel you can find new product videos with useful tips & tricks for every saltwater and freshwater aquarium. Just click on "subscribe" and you will never miss any of our videos.  

The effective algae remover for freshwater aquariums!

Algaway stops the growth of existing algae through nutrient deprivation, represses them and sustainably prevents their regeneration.


Perfect for spectacular and unique aquascapes!

With our new ARKA Aquatics myScape-Rocks Dragon Rocks & Seiryu OHKO Rocks you can create your underwater dream in no time at all.  

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We, ARKA Biotechnologie GmbH, deal with the manufacture and sale of innovative products for seawater and freshwater aquariums. We rely on the highest quality standards, maximum effectiveness, user-friendliness and customer service.

ARKA Aquatics comprises a diverse range of products from the areas of reef ceramics, decorations & rocks, technology and accessories.


Microbe-Lift offers biological and chemical products for the optimal care of all saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

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