For colourful and detailed photographs !

The optimal accessories for your smartphone.

myScape Studio allows you to create colourful and detailed photos of your aquarium without colour distortion by the lighting (blue tint).

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The perfect place for questions, feedback and everything about our products.

Microbe-Lift BASIC-System

The optimal comprehensive care for your corals !

Our BASIC-System offers you a easy and highly efficient method of care, with all the important elements, such as calcium, magnesium, carbonate hardness, vitamins, amino acids and micro-/macro-nutrients.

ARKA CORE skimmer

The perfect "Core" for your aquarium !

Effective, reliable, quiet and superior ! 

The perfect care-product for every aquarium!

Aqua-Pure is the 100% biological allrounder for the optimal care of every salt- and freshwater aquarium. Thanks to it's special composition it is responsible for crystal-clear water, removes ammonium / nitrate, neutralises heavy metals, prevents algae problems, protects your aquarium's tenants and much more!

  • myScape Studio
  • Community
  • BASIC-System
  • Arka Core
  • Aqua-Pure

Microbe-Lift Coralscaper

Gluing has never been so easy !

  • maximum adhesion
  • easy to use
  • very long range

As Willy Brandt once said: "Die Zukunft wird nicht gemeistert von denen, die am Vergangenen kleben"

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A selection of our products. We offer a great selection of Add-ons, reef-ceramics and dosage computers for your aquarium.