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  • Flow rate: max. 1.9 l/min
  • Operating temperature: min. 4°C - max. 38°C
  • Operating pressure: min. 2.4 bar - max. 5.5 bar
  • Changing interval: max. 11,000 l or 3 months, from application
  • Connection: on both sides ¼"
  • Dimensions:
    Length: ca. 25 cm
    Diameter: ca. 5 cm

Saltwater & Freshwater
Removes suspended matter
High filter capacity
Clean water

ARKA myAQUA® fine filter safely and effectively removes suspended solids such as rust, sand particles and many other types of debris, making it ideal for use with many commercially available osmosis systems, such as our ARKA myAQUA® 190 and ARKA myAQUA® 380.

ARKA myAQUA® fine filter contains a high quality polypropylene fleece with an ultrafine filter structure of 5 micron, for optimal results & clean water.

* German word and figurative mark DE302021228034.6