ARKA Core Fleece Filter CFF-1

ARKA® Core Fleece Filter „CFF-1“

The ARKA® Core Fleece Filter „CFF-1“ is a specially developed, automatic fine filter for all salt- and freshwater aquariums. The ARKA® Core Fleece Filter „CFF-1“ filters organic contaminations from the water by using the integrated, fine fleece roll and it removes them from the aquarium permanently before they decompose.

The contaminated water is filtered through the fleece and then flows back into the aquarium. If contamination clogs the fleece, the water flow decreases and the water level in the ARKA® Core Fleece Filter „CFF-1“ rises. The float switch triggers the motor as soon as a certain level of water is reached, and it winds the fleece roll a bit further until the water level lowers again.

The ARKA® Core Fleece Filter „CFF-1“ includes a filter roll approx. 25 meters long that, depending on the water quality and the bio-load, lasts about 1 - 2 months. When the filter roll is consumed it can simply be removed and replaced with a new one. Maintenance work is thus reduced to a minimum!

What makes ARKA® Core Fleece Filter „CFF-1“ so special? 

  • High filter capacity through fine fleece
  • Automatic rewinding of the contaminated fleece filter 
  • Less maintenance and less filter cleaning
  • Easily adjustable mounting bracket
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Efficient, long-lasting and reliable 
  • Separate hose connection, e.g. to remove detritus from the aquarium
  • Individually adjustable contaminated water intake (turns 360°)
  • Quiet and energy efficient 
  • Easy to maintain