ARKA Core Multifilter MF500

ARKA® Core Multi-Filter „MF500“

The ARKA® Core Multi-Filter „MF500“ is a specially developed media reactor for all salt- and freshwater aquariums. The ARKA® Core Multi-Filter „MF500“ is suitable for all current filter media, including e.g. activated charcoal, phosphate adsorbers, zeolite or bio-pellets, and can be filled easily and emptied with the removable container. 

Simply turning the ARKA® Core Multi-Filter „MF500“ adjusts the flow rate steplessly and precisely, allowing the flow rate to adapt optimally to the type and quantity of filter medium. 

The unique construction ensures optimal flow through the filter media and uniform distribution. This ensures maximum contact time with aquarium water and permanently prevents granulate or pellet clumping. The applied filter medium can thereby be utilized in the best possible way. For maximum effectiveness and optimum results!

What makes the ARKA® Core Multi-Filter „MF500“ so special? 

  • Multifunctional: Can be filled with activated carbon, phosphate adsorber, zeolite, bio-pellets and much more
  • Maximum contact time between media and aquarium water
  • Removable container for easy filter media exchange
  • Integrated Sicce pump with adjustable flow rate
  • Flow rate steplessly adjustable on the container
  • Efficient, long-lasting and reliable 
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Highly polished cast cell acrylic glass