Basic N
Freshwater / Water Care / Nitrat-Plus

All advantages

  • Effectively & safely increases the NO3 value in the aquarium
  • Perfect for every saltwater and freshwater aquarium
  • Prevents a dangerous NO3 limitation for corals & plants
  • Increases the growth & health of corals & plants long-term


Basic N is a stable and specially coordinated nitrate mixture, for a targeted increase in the NO3 value in every saltwater & freshwater aquarium.

Basic N effectively prevents a dangerous nitrate limitation for corals and plants while increasing their growth and health long-term.



• Increase the nitrate value slowly and gently so that your corals and plants can adapt optimally.
• Make sure that the nitrate value never drops to 0 mg/l, as corals and plants need nitrate for optimum health and growth.
• Regularly check the nutrient levels in your aquarium, as increasing the nitrate level (NO3) can also increase the consumption of phosphate (PO4).


Available sizes:
•  16 oz. (473 ml)


Dose 1 ml per 100 l water to increase the NO3 value by 1 mg/l.

The dosage can be made daily.

The ideal nitrate value is as follows:
• Saltwater = 2-15 mg/l
• Freshwater = 2–30 mg/l

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