Freshwater / Fish Food / Feed additive

All advantages

  • Highly concentrated feed additive
  • Positive effect on parasitic diseases of fish
  • Supports the feed intake
  • Easy to dose
  • Contains pure garlic


Garlic is a highly concentrated feed additive for every saltwater and freshwater aquarium.

Garlic contains pure garlic, which is proven to have a positive effect on parasitic diseases of fish

Garlic supports the feed intake and increases vitality.

•  Allow Garlic to be absorbed into the feed for 2–3 minutes.
•  Thaw frozen feed thoroughly under running cold water before coating it with Garlic.
•  Regular use of Garlic contributes to the long-term improvement of the immune system.

Available sizes:
•  100 ml


Put a few drops of Garlic to coat the feed.

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