All advantages

  • Ideally for increasing carbonate hardness (KH)
  • Supports the nitrification
  • Enables a healthy growth of corals
  • Fast and easy dosage


KH-Booster is a product especially developed to increase the carbonate hardness in all saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

KH-Booster lastingly promotes nitrification and healthy coral growth with a special mix of various elements, to quickly, safely and permanently in- crease the carbonate hardness.

Use KH-Booster in combination with our pH care products to adjust your water values.


• During the nitrification process, bacteria can break down the dangerous ammonium/ammonia only if the carbonate hardness is sufficiently high; it should have a value of at least 3 dH° in freshwater and 8 dH° in saltwater.
Sufficiently high carbonate hardness permanently stabilizes the pH value.
• Check your water values regularly.
•dH° = German hardness level.

Available sizes:
•  250 g
•  500 g
•  1000 g


  • Add one level measuring spoon per 100 liters of water to increase the KH value by 2.5 dH°.

The optimum KH value is 6-10 dH°.

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