Freshwater / Equipment reverse osmosis systems

All advantages

  • Flow rate: max. 1.9 l/min
  • Operating temperature: min. 4°C - max. 38°C
  • Operating pressure: min. 2,.4 bar - max. 5.5 bar
  • Changing interval: max. 5,500 l or 6 months, from application
  • Connection: on both sides ¼"
  • Dimensions:
    Length: ca. 25 cm
    Diameter: ca. 5 cm


myAqua carbon filter safely & effectively removes chlorine, herbicides, pesticides & pharmaceutical residues, making it ideal foruse with many commercially available osmosis systems, such as our ARKA Aquatics myAqua 190 and myAqua 380.

myAqua carbon filter contains high-quality activated carbon, for optimal results and clean water.

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