myAQUA Multifilter 4000
Freshwater / Equipment reverse osmosis systems

All advantages

  • Filling capacity: 4000 ml
  • Multifunctional: Can be filled with resin/mixed-bed resin, adsorbers and many other filter materials, e.g. activated carbon
  • Efficient, long-lasting and reliable 
  • Easy to use
  • Refillable
  • Pressure-resistant up to 28 bar
  • Maximum tightness
  • Dimensions: ~ 61 x 18.5 x 18.5 cm


The myAQUA Multifilter 4000 is ideal for filling with resin/mixed bed resin, absorbers and many other filter materials, such as activated carbon. Featuring a built-in 1 inch water-neutral plastic thread along with 1“ to ¾“ and ¼“ transitions for the water inlet and outlet included in the scope of delivery, it can be used universally – both as a downstream resin filter on reverse osmosis systems and for many other purposes. 

Another advantage: the standardised size of the filter housing of 20 x 4.5 inches allows a variety of different inner cartridges of this size to be used.

The myAQUA Multifilter 4000 is made of high-strength, food-safe plastic (PP) and is pressure-resistant up to 28 bar. The double O-ring seal ensures maximum tightness.

The refillable inner cartridge supplied has integral fine filters on both sides – there­by preventing suspended matter from entering the inner filter while keeping abrasion or parts of the resin or filter material safely inside the inner filter. Two other filter sponges – supplied loose – can be positioned appropriately, depending on the material used and the filling quantity.


Scope of delivery:

  • 1x filter housing
  • 1x filter cartridge 4000 ml
  • 2x filter sponge
  • 2x reducer 1“ to ¾“
  • 2x connector ¾“ to ¼“
  • 1x wall bracket including screws
  • 1x cartridge spanner
  • 4 m Teflon tape



  • Install the wall bracket included in the scope of delivery as shown in the picture and screw the myAQUA Multifilter 4000 onto it. Make sure that the screws are tight and correctly tightened.
  • Now remove the base body of the multifilter using the enclosed filter cartridge spanner.
  • Remove the refillable cartridge inside and open it by unscrewing the upper screw cap.
  • Fill the inner cartridge with the desired material, screw the cover back on and reinsert it into the filter housing.
  • Then screw the base body back onto the filter cover using the filter cartridge spanner. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the screw connection between the housing and cover is tight.
  • Now connect the water source and a hose for the drain to the marked water inlets and outlets. Make sure that the connected hoses fit correctly and tightly – paying attention to the water inlet (IN) and water outlet (OUT) markings. 


  • If you wish to use the enclosed transitions, make sure that the seals or O-rings are inserted. Alternatively, the threaded sides can be wrapped several times with the enclosed Teflon tape.  
  • If you use the supplied ¾“ to ¼“ transitions, you need to remove the blue retaining rings before inserting the hose and press the receptacle down. As soon as the hose is inserted, the retaining rings must be reattached.
  • To vent the housing, press and hold the red vent button on the top of the filter cover until water escapes from it.


  • Use the wall bracket supplied or otherwise ensure that the myAQUA Multifilter 4000 is stable to prevent it from tipping over.
  • Note the maximum pressure resistance of 28 bar.
  • We recommend using the two loosely enclosed filter sponges.
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