Freshwater / Equipment reverse osmosis systems

All advantages

  • Resin colour indicator (the colour indicator is only contained in parts of the resin):
    blue: unused
    light brown: used up
  • Scope of delivery: 1x filter cartridge, 2x ¼" hose connection, 2x filter sponge, 2x filte mesh, 1x approx. 500 ml resin, 2x clip for fastening
  • Dimensions:
    Length: ca. 28 cm
    Diameter: ca. 5 cm


myAqua resin filter safely & effectively removes even the finest residues of silicate, nitrate and many other dissolved organic & inorganic substances (TDS) & is ideally suitable as an extension for many commercially available osmosis systems, such as our ARKA Aquatics myAqua 190, 380 and 1900.

myAqua resin filter contains cation & anion resin (H+ and OH- in a 1:1 ratio) with a colour indicator to conveniently indicate consumption and is easy to refill.

myAqua resin filter enables the production of purest water, with an average conductivity value of ~ 0.1 µS/cm.

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