Süßwasser / Natural reef rocks

All advantages

  • optimal for use in every saltwater aquarium
  • also suitable for use in cichlid tanks
  • free of toxins and without organic impurities
  • easy to handle and combine
  • ideal space for useful bacteria to colonise
  • highly porous structure
  • can be used straightaway


ARKA Aquatics myReef-Rocks allow you to build a natural reefscape, according to your own ideas and to bring your dream reef into your aquarium. Thanks to the fact, that it is easy to handle and combine, there are almost no limits for your creativity.

ARKA Aquatics myReef-Rocks are mined from a natural fossil reef, which is on land and that´s why there will be no damage to the ocean.

Their highly porous structure is the ideal settlement area for useful bacteria in your aquarium and therefore the optimal basis for a perfect working biology.

They are free of toxins, without organic impurities and can be used straightaway.


Available sizes:

  •  approx.   9-12 cm
  •  approx. 13-20 cm
  •  approx. 18-30 cm
  •  approx. 25-40 cm
  •  approx.   9-40 cm (MIX)
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