Nite-Out II
Süßwasser / Bakterienprodukte / STARTER BACTERIA

All advantages

  • 100 % biological
  • Specially developed bacterial mix
  • Safe and fast start
  • Safely removes ammonium/ammonia & nitrite


Nite-Out II is a specially developed bacterial mix which accelerates and perfects the start and upkeep of salt and freshwater aquariums.

Nite-Out II safely removes ammonium/ammonia and nitrite by means of a biological process (nitrification). The highly concentrated bacterial mixture is ideally suited for preventing an increase in toxic ammonium/ammonia/nitrite in newly-set up aquariums and in the case of a change of water.



• Ensure su cient carbonate hardness (CH) in order to accelerate the nitrification process.

• Use Nite-Out II together with Special Blend for an optimum start, as well as long-term care.

• For maximum shelf life store in cool place. Refrigerate 38°F (4°C) –45°F (7°C) if possible.


Available sizes:

•    4 oz. (118 ml)
•    8 oz. (251 ml)
•  16 oz. (473 ml)
•  Gallon (3,79 L)


Dosage (new aquarium):

Add 10 ml daily to 100 litres of water until ammonium/ammonia/nitrite is no longer measurable.


Dosage (maintenance & care):

Add a one-time dose of 10 ml to 100 litres of water after each water change or re-population with new animals.



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