Süßwasser / pH-stabiliser

All advantages

  • Stabilises pH value
  • Fast results
  • Permanently stable


pH-Buffer8.5 is a product especially developed to stabilise the pH value for all freshwater aquariums.

pH-Buffer 8.5 quickly, safely and permanently stabilises the pH value without affecting alkalinity (balance of bicarbonate, carbonate and hydroxide ions).

Use pH-Buffer 8.5 in combination with pH Increase to permanently increase and stabilise

Function and advantages:

  • Stabilises the pH-value to 8,5
  • harmless for animals and plants

Use in combination with pH Increase or pH Decrease to adjust any pH-value desired in your aquarium.


  • If the pH values continue to be low, check the CO2 supply from your calcium reactor to rule out too much free CO2 in the water.
  • Immediately remove rot in the form of dead organic matter.
  • Use pH Increase in combination with pH-Buffer 8.5 to permanently stabilise and increase the pH value.
  • Check your water values regularly.

Available sizes:

  • 250g
  • 500g


Add one level dosage spoon to 100 litres of water every 48 hours until the pH value has stabilised.

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