Süßwasser / Phosphatentferner

All advantages

  • Enables controlled decrease of phosphate levels
  • Removes Phosphate
  • Removes Silicate
  • Removes Sulfid
  • Removes Tannins
  • Iron-Hydroxide based formulation


Phos-Out 4 Granulateremoves phosphate, silicate, sulphide and tannic substances quickly, safely and permanently from the water and pro-duces a sustainable improvement in water quality.

Phos-Out 4 Granulat especically reduces phosphate levels in a way that is harmless for your animals and without a ecting the pH value.

Phos-Out 4 Granulatepromotes natural coral growth in the case of phosphate problems and e ectively prevents the unwanted growth of algae, within a short time.

Phos-Out 4 Granulate is an iron hydroxide-based product.

Phos-Out 4 removes approximately:
Phosphate PO4 49 - 70 g / kg
Silicate SiO2 10 - 12 g / kg
Heavy metals e.g. like copper 8 - 10 g / kg

•  Start with the recommended quantitiy of Phos-Out 4 Granulate and increase it if phosohate levels remain high.
•  Before application, thoroughly rinse Phos-Out 4 Granulate under water to remove dust.
•  The ideal phosphate value in saltwater aquariums should be between 0.02 and 0.05 mg.
•  We recommend using Phos-Out 4 Granulate in a fluid bed filter or filter sleeve in a strong-flow area, such as exterior or internal filters
•  Use our Substrate Cleaner regularly to remove phosphate deposits. During this application, Phos-Out 4 Granulate has to be taken out of the aquarium cycle until the water is clear again.
•  Used Phos-Out 4 Granulate can be used as a plant fertiliser or disposed of with household waste.

Available size:
•  1000 ml 


  • Dosasge in Freshwater-Aquaria:
    Apply  25 mL per 100 litres of water.
  • Dosasge in Saltwater-Aquaria:
    Apply  50 per 100 litres of wate
  • Container sizes Phos-Out 4:
    • 500 ml (312 g)
    • 1.000 ml (625 g)
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