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All advantages

  • Specially developed nitrogen fertilizer
  • Supports magnificent plant growth
  • Prevents your aquatic plants from suffering from nitrogen deficiency
  • Free of phosphate
  • Easy and Safe to use


Plants N is a specially developed nitrogen fertiliser for all aquatic plants in freshwater aquariums.

Plants N supports magnificent plant growth and lastingly prevents your aquatic plants from suffering from
nitrogen deficiency.

Plants N is free of phosphate.



• To reach a certain nitrogen level, use this formula: m = v*n/15 m = the amount to be used in ml v = the volume of your aquarium in litres minus decoration n = the desired level of nitrogen

• For maximum plant growth, use Plants N in combination with our range of fertilisers.

• If nitrate levels are too, low the growth of the aquatic plants can stagnate.


Available sizes:

•    4 oz. (118 ml)
•    8 oz. (251 ml)
•  16 oz. (473 ml)


Add 3 ml per 100 litres of water to increase the nitrate content by circa 0.5 mg/L.

The optimum nitrate content is 5-10 mg/L.


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