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Bacteria are the most important living organisms in every aquarium! But why? Quite simply, nothing works without them.

Bacteria take care of essential biological processes, such as nitrification (ammonium/ammonia -> nitrite -> nitrate) and denitrification (nitrate -> nitrogen), break down organic waste and have many other tasks to perform from day one of an aquarium. They do all this almost invisibly – which is why you often don't even think about them, but take such processes for granted. But a bacteria balance that’s too low or disturbed will quickly become apparent – and lead to permanent problems in the aquarium. It thus becomes easier for undesirable organisms – such as cyanobacteria or dangerous pathogenic germs – to spread, because natural competition is sadly lacking. As nothing should be left to chance here, you should always ensure a sufficient supply of bacteria. This makes bacteria the biological answer to many problems in the aquarium – allowing aquarium-friendly and lasting solutions.

When establishing an aquarium, however, you can’t always assume that all the bacteria and microorganisms necessary for water purification and maintenance will be supplied in the right proportions with the help of imported live rock (seawater) and plants (freshwater) for instance.

This is where our MICROBE-LIFT bacteria products come into play. These have been developed in the laboratory and are specially formulated for the needs of modern aquariums. They enable ideal supply of all important bacteria cultures for the biological processes associated with the aquarium’s water and the creatures living in it.


All our bacterial products offer a very large number of contained bacteria, with a very high effectiveness. What’s more, our products remain stable both unopened and opened at normal room temperature – with the exception of Nite-Out II (which should be stored in the refrigerator after opening).


If you’re wondering why our products achieve good results so quickly and why you can get your aquarium off to an ideal start from day one with our products, the answer is: live bacteria cultures!

The bacteria in our products are already fully developed, but in “standby mode” – in the bottle and are just waiting to get to work in your aquarium. As soon as you open the bottle and dose the product into your aquarium, the bacteria swim to the settlement areas – and can immediately begin to fulfil their essential tasks at full capacity.

As you can see, bacteria are the basic building block for every aquarium and it’s worth ensuring an optimal supply in the long term!