Süßwasser / Bakterienprodukte / LIQUID FILTER MEDIUM

All advantages

  • 100 % biological
  • Contains benefcial living bacterial cultures & 100% natural adsorption media
  • For every saltwater and freshwater aquarium
  • Creates crystal-clear water
  • Ensures the long-term removal of ammonium/ nitrite
  • Neutralises heavy metals
  • Prevents algae problems
  • Improves the water quality
  • Protects your aquarium population
  • and much more !


Aqua-Pure is a specially developed blend of beneficial bacterial cultures and 100% natural adsorption media for the care of all saltwater and freshwater aquariums as well as in case of problems.

Aqua-Pure has thanks to its unique composition boasts many positive features. It ensures the long-term removal of ammonium/ nitrite, neutralises heavy metals, prevents algae problems, creates crystal-clear water, protects your aquarium population and much more.

Aqua-Pure sustainably enhances the biology of your aquarium by visibly and measurably improving its water quality.


For problems such as nitrite, algae or generally bad water quality, Aqua-Pure can be used on a daily basis.

• Use Aqua-Pure after a filter change, treatment with a medicinal product or a change of water.

Use Aqua-Pure along with our MICROBE-LIFT care series for a healthy, stable aquarium.

Store in the fridge after opening!

Available sizes:

•    4 oz. (118 ml)
•    8 oz. (251 ml)
•  16 oz. (473 ml)
•  Gallon (3,79 L)



Care dosage:

Add 20 ml per 100 litres of water once a week.


Dosage in case of problems:

Add 10 ml per 100 litres of water once a day for 1 week.

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