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AQUA BALANCE Nitrate Remover

  • Specially developed mix of bacteria based on spores
  • Accelerates and perfects the breakdown of nitrates
  • Safely breaks down organic waste
  • Improves the water quality

Saltwater & Freshwater
Improved nitrate degradation
Improved water quality
Removes waste materials


Aqua Balance is a specially developed spore-based bacteria mixture that accelerates and perfects nitrate degradation in any marine or freshwater aquarium.



It ensures that organic contamination as well as food and plant residues are effectively broken down, while improving denitrification (NO3 nitrate –> N2 nitrogen)  in the aquarium. 



Aqua Balance sustainably improves the water quality and reduces the maintenance effort.



It is used in an established aquarium to optimise nitrate degradation / long-term maintenance. Its spore form makes it unsuitable for starting an aquarium.



Dosage incl. dosage calculator

Your aquarium
(net volume of water in litres)

Initial dosage (once per week) 5 ml per 100 L of water
Maintenance dosage (every 2 weeks) 10 ml per 100 L of water

Initial dosage:
Add 5 ml per 100 litres of water weekly for 4 weeks.

Maintenance dosage:
Add 5 ml per 100 litres of water weekly for 4 weeks.

FAQ Questions and answers

Since Aqua Balance contains bacteria in spore form, it is only suitable for running aquariums to improve nitrate breakdown there. To start a saltwater or freshwater aquarium, we recommend our products MICROBE-LIFT Special Blend and Nite-Out II.

Use directly in the aquarium according to the dosage instructions.

MICROBE-LIFT® is 100% harmless to humans, animals and plants. It is neither toxic nor pathogenic (disease-causing).

The MICROBE-LIFT® products do not work if pesticides or chemical algae killers are used. Please turn off UV lamps and ozone devices for 3 to 5 days for best results.

Yes, heavy metals in saltwater and freshwater aquariums ensure that bacteria almost completely stop important biological processes such as nitrification (conversion of ammonium/ammonia into nitrite and then nitrate) and denitrification (conversion of nitrate into nitrogen).

Unopened, you can store any of our MICROBE-LIFT bacterial products at room temperature. Only our product MICROBE-LIFT Nite-Out II should be stored in the refrigerator after opening.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with dosing the MICROBE-LIFT bacterial products with a dosing pump. However, this should have a back suction so that no residues remain in the corresponding hoses. Furthermore, it also applies here that you should only dose Special Blend, Thera P and Nite-Out II from the original bottle.

Our MICROBE-LIFT bacterial products can be kept for at least one year without refrigeration if stored properly (except for Nite-Out II, which must be placed in the refrigerator after opening).

No. Shake the MICROBE-LIFT® products before use and simply pour it into your aquarium.

When using the MICROBE-LIFT system, we recommend a weekly water change of 10 - 20%.

In the case of very high nitrate levels (NO3) in saltwater or freshwater aquariums, we recommend using MICROBE-LIFT Special Blend (contains, among other things, denitrifying bacteria for converting nitrate into nitrogen) and NO3PO4 Control carbon sources. Since even very effective bacteria such as those contained in MICROBE-LIFT Special Blend reach their maximum performance at very high nitrate values, they must be pushed for a certain time using NO3PO4 Control. This stimulates you to multiply and become even more efficient. This makes it possible to break down even very high nitrate levels in a very short time. Always make sure that bacteria need phosphate as an energy source and therefore ensure that there is an adequate supply of phosphate in the aquarium.

Yes, the presence of nitrite can affect and increase the results of a "home" nitrate test, but you can find conversion charts online so you can see how much the nitrate test will increase at which nitrite level, and how much the "adjusted" nitrate level in the aquarium is.

To do this, you should first look into the aquarium and its inhabitants. Corals also get used to high nitrate values ​​over time and can be healthy and vital even with the same. If your corals do not show any obvious problems despite a too high nitrate value, we recommend a gentle and slow reduction so that the corals can get used to the lower nitrate value. However, if problems with your corals become noticeable and you have the impression that your corals do not tolerate the high value well, we recommend reducing the nitrate value more quickly.

For effective and sustainable nitrate reduction in every saltwater and freshwater aquarium, we recommend our products MICROBE-LIFT Special Blend and, if necessary, NO3PO4 Control.

Tips & Tricks
  • Note that bacteria need a certain amount of phosphate as an energy source to carry out important biological processes in the aquarium.
  • Ensure that there are plenty of anaerobic (low-oxygen) zones in the aquarium, because that's where bacteria convert nitrates into nitrogen.
  • Use Aqua Balance after cleaning and changing the filter material and after using medication.
  • To break down nitrates and other pollutants even faster, use Aqua Balance in combination with Special Blend.
  • If you don't like the smell of Special Blend, you can alternatively use Aqua Balance for long-term care. Please note that no photosynthetic bacteria are included (e.g. no breakdown of hydrogen sulphide).


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