ARKA myAQUA® 1900

Reverse osmosis system

Filters pollutants quickly and effectively

Ensures optimal water quality

Easy construction

For every saltwater and freshwater aquarium

 ARKA myAQUA® 1900
Daily Output1900 l water
Dimensionsapprox. 434 mm x 163 mm x 418 mm
Osmosis water/residual waterYield approx. 1 : 1 - 1,5
Salt retention capacityup to 99 %
Flow ratemax. 1,32 l/min
Operating pressure1 – 4 Bar
Usable water temperature5 – 38°C
Power70 W (Standby: 1-2 W)
Voltage24 V
Scope of delivery

300 cm pipe (inlet water), 600 cm pipe (pure water & waste water), T-piece 3/8 - 3/8 - 3/8 incl. valve, wall mounting, power adapter, TDS/EC pen, drain clamp, water connection adapter 3/4 - 3/8, shut-off valve 1/4 - 1/4



ARKA myAQUA® 1900 quickly and effectively filters up to 99% of salts, bacteria and pollutants (such as nitrate, phosphate and heavy metals) from tap water, making it safe for use in any saltwater or freshwater aquarium. 

ARKA myAQUA® 1900 achieves a water yield of up to 1:1 and contains only natural filter materials without chemical additives.

ARKA myAQUA® 1900 can be connected to commercially available household water pipes thanks to the accessories supplied.

Note: Built-in protection function
Our ARKA myAQUA® 1900 has an automatic switch-off function. It interrupts the osmosis water production after 12 hours of continuous operation. The LEDs then light up red. If you want to continue with the osmosis water production, briefly disconnect the device from the power supply. The system then continues to run normally.

* German word and figurative mark DE302021228034.6



The individual components

Status LEDs

LED lights up white permanently = filter/membrane is fully functional

LED lights up red + 10-time sound signal = filter/membrane should be replaced

Filter change

The filters can easily be unscrewed from the anchorage on the osmosis system.



Can be connected to all standard household water pipes.


Available accessories

ARKA myAqua® 1900