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  • Steam-acitvated, pelleted, acid-washed premium class activated charcoal
  • Lowest release of phosphate max. 0,000001 g/ml
  • Removes pollutants and turbidities
  • Creates crystal-clear water
  • Enhances vitality

Removes pollutants
Removes impurities
Removes discolouration
Improved water quality

Carbopure Pond is a steam-activated, pelletised and acid-washed premium activated carbon for clean and healthy water in every pond.

Thanks to its complex adsorption surface of 1,000 m2/g, Carbopure Pond enables the rapid elimination of organic contaminants, unwanted chemical compounds, toxins, drug residues as well as dyes and turbidities.

Carbopure Pond stands out because of an extremely low phosphate release, of max. 0.000001 g/ml and a soluble ash content of max. 0.3 %.

Dosage incl. dosage calculator

Your aquarium
(net volume of water in litres)

Normal dosage 500 g per 1000 L of water
Dosage after medication treatment 1000 g per 1000 L of water
Dosage for ozone residues 2000 g per 1000 mg/h ozone

Normal dosage:
Use 500 g per 1000 liters of water for a maximum of 4 weeks.

Dosage after medication treatment:
Use 1000g per 1000 liters of water over a period of 1 week.

Dosage for ozone residues:
Use 2000 ml per 1000 mg/h of ozone to remove ozone residues.

Tips & Tricks
  • Platzieren Sie Carbopure Pond an einer gut durchströmten Stelle im Filter.
  • Verwenden Sie zur vereinfachten Handhabung den beiliegenden Filterbeutel.
  • Verwenden Sie Carbopure Pond zur Entfernung von Ozonrückständen direkt am Auslass der Ozonquelle und tauschen Sie es in regelmäßigem Abstand aus.