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  • Very low melting point of appr. 40°C
  • Simple application
  • Pliable for a long time
  • Free of hazardous substances
  • Suited for more senisitve corals as well
  • Quickly overgrown by coral tissue

Saltwater aquarium
Easy to mould
Fast fixation
Easy to use

Coralscaper is a special biopolymer adhesive, for permanent fixation of coral scions and decorative objects in all saltwater aquariums.

Coralscaper has a very low melting point of about 40 °C. This makes it suitable even for sensitive corals and remains malleable and processable for a longer time in and out of the water.

Coralscaper hardens white/transparent and is quickly overgrown by coral tissue or red coralline algae.

Coralscaper is made of biopolymers and is safe for all living things in the aquarium.


Put the desired amount of thermal adhesive in a glass of water with at least 50°C. The higher the temperature of the used water, the longer Coralscaper will be workable.

Wait until the granule is completely glassy.

Knead briefly & process immediately.

Tips & Tricks
  • You can also heat the granules in a glass with water in the microwave until the granules turn glassy.
  • Cured residues can be reused at any time by reheating them.
  • The material is readily malleable, so there are almost no limits in the application.
  • If you are sensitive to heat, the granules can also be removed with a pair of tweezers or a fork from the hot water.
  • Depending on the biological activity of the aquarium, the glue may will be biodegraded over time.