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  • Flow rate: max. 380 l per day
  • Operating temperature: min. 4°C - max. 38°C | Ideal: 25°C
  • Operating pressure: min. 2.4 bar - max. 5.5 bar | Ideal: 4.5 bar
  • Changing interval: 24 months, from application
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: ca. 30 cm
    Diameter: ca. 5 cm

Saltwater & Freshwater
Removes pollutants
Removes heavy metals
Removes pesticides

ARKA myAQUA® membrane 380 safely and effectively removes up to 99 % of harmful substances, salts, pesticides, heavy metals and bacteria and is suitable for use with our ARKA myAQUA® 190 or ARKA myAQUA® 380 osmosis system.  

ARKA myAQUA® membrane 380 consists of a multi-layer polymer film which attains a very high retention rate thanks to its ultrafine pores (0.0001 micron).

* German word and figurative mark DE302021228034.6