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  • Directed decrease of pH value
  • Contained electrolytes prevent osmotic shock
  • Protects mucous and gills
  • Simple and easy application

Freshwater aquarium
Targeted decrease
Safe & efficient
Protects mucous membrane

pH Decrease is a product especially developed to decrease the pH value for all freshwater aquariums.

pH Decrease quickly and safely decreases the pH value to the desired value. The electrolystes additionally contained in the product prevents your animals from suffering osmotic shock and at the same time protects the mucous membranes and gills of your fish.

UFI: 7Q00-709J-U00H-4SAE

Dosage incl. dosage calculator

Your aquarium
(net volume of water in litres)

5 ml per 100 L of water

Add 5 mL per 100 L of water to decrease the pH value by 0.2

FAQ Questions and answers

The pH value should be measured in the aquarium during the day, as it usually drops a little at night.

With our products MICROBE-LIFT pH-Increase or pH-Decrease you can raise or lower the pH value in the aquarium, depending on what is necessary in your aquarium. If you have reached a pH value or if there is a pH value that is close to the corresponding ideal value, use our MICROBE-LIFT pH buffer (8.2 for sea water and 6.5 or 8.5 for fresh water) to stabilize the value. Our MICROBE-LIFT pH buffer can also automatically compensate for minor deviations from the ideal value, e.g. B. at a pH value of 8.0 to the ideal value of 8.2 in saltwater aquariums.

The ideal pH value is:
• Saltwater = 8 – 8,5
• Freshwater = 6 – 8,5

If you want to lower the pH in your freshwater aquarium, we recommend using pH Decrease. Add 5 ml to 100 liters of water to lower the pH by 0.2.

Tips & Tricks
  • If the pH values continue to be low, check the CO2 supply to rule out to much CO2 in the water
  • Immediatley remove rot in the form of dead organic matter
  • Use pH Decrease in combination with pH Buffer/Stabiliser to permanently stabilise the pH value



If the pH value in the aquarium is already close to the target value, e.g. at 6.3 (with a target value of 6.5), the corresponding buffer compensates for small deviations upwards and downwards. It then stabilises the value. 

However, if the pH value in the aquarium differs too much from the target value, e.g. at 5.5 (with a target value of 6.5), it must first be increased or decreased using pH Increase or pH Decrease and then stabilised with the pH Buffer.

Can be optimally combined with



PH-BUFFER 6.5 pH value stabiliser


PH-BUFFER 8.5 pH-stabiliser