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PREMIUM REEF SALT Optimal Water Quality

  • Synthetic premium sea salt 
  • Optimal water quality
  • Ensures a magnificent polyp picture
  • Optimizes healthy coral growth
  • High solubility
  • Highest purity
  • Strict control and quality management

Saltwater aquarium
Increased growth
Improved colours
High solubility

Premium Reef Salt is a specially developed sea salt which – thanks to the highest quality ingredients – creates a perfectly balanced environment in which even the most sensitive coral and fish species thrive. 

Premium Reef Salt prevents calcium precipitation and – in combination with magnesium and other trace elements – promotes rapid growth of calcareous red algae.


  • Synthetic reef salt with novel formula
  • Suitable even for the most sensitive species
  • Immediately usable, after dissolution
  • Dissolves crystal clear
  • Nitrate and Phosphate free
  • Contains all essential trace elements
  • Acheives a good balance between calcium and magnesium
  • Ingredients are manufactured in the purity after the European Pharmacopeia
  • Strict European and German control and quality management


Instructions for use:
Dissolve the required amount of salt in RO water and agitate until fully dissolved. When mixing, to avoid loss of essential elements through perception, add salt slowly to the water in the mixing vessel and then bring to temperature. The salt density should be between 1.022 and 1.025 at a temperature of 25° Celsius. We recommend a water change of 5-10 % every 1-2 weeks.

37 g dissolved in 1000 ml deionized water at 25° Celsius results in (approx.):

  • Salinity 1.022
  • PH value 8.3 to 8.5
  • KH approx. 8-10° dKH
  • Calcium content: approx. 430 mg/L
  • Magnesium content: approx. 1300 mg/L
  • Strontium approx. 8.1 mg/L

FAQ Questions and answers

We recommend using our MICROBE-LIFT Premium Reef Salt. It is suitable both for starting a saltwater aquarium and for long-term care. It contains all important elements such as calcium, magnesium, carbonates and much more. In a well stocked running aquarium you can also switch to our MICROBE-LIFT Organic Active. However, this should not be used to start an aquarium due to the contained organic components for more growth and colourfulness, as these could remain unused in the aquarium due to the usually low coral population.

When using the MICROBE-LIFT system, we recommend a weekly water change of 10 - 20%.

Tips & Tricks
  • During water changes, we recommend the application of MICROBE-LIFT Nite-Out II and Special Blend.
  • For additional supply of trace elements use our individual MICROBE-LIFT Reef series or All-In-One.
  • Our ARKA Aquatics Hydrometer or Refractometer are perfect for measuring the salt density.


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