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  • Specially developed reef and coral glue
  • Offers ideal settling surface
  • Ideal for Reef-ceramics
  • Fast hardening
  • Adheres to glas
  • Free of hazardous material

Saltwater aquarium
Bonding of reef & ceramic structures
Optimal settlement area

Reefscaper is a specially developed reef & coral cement, for the gluing of reef, stone and ceramic structures and for attaching corals and frags in every saltwater aquarium.

Reefscaper is free from harmful substances, heavy-metal compounds like chromate and does not contain unwanted silicate.

Reefscaper is easy to work with, hardens very quickly and is an ideal place for coralline algae and friendly bacteria to thrive.


Approx. 3 parts Reefscaper + 1 part water
Example: 150 g Reef Scaper + 50 g water
Setting time approx. 2 min.

Approx. 2 parts Reef Scaper + 1 part sand + ¾ part water
Example: 100 g Reef Scaper + 50 g sand + 37,5 g water

•  Warm water accelerates and cold water prolongs the setting time.
•  The mixing ratio may vary slightly.
•  If possible, mix within one minute and use immediately.
•  After approx. 24 hours is is completely hardened, at the air as well as under water.

FAQ Questions and answers

Yes, if it is degreased, clean and dry.

Tips & Tricks
  • When using sand as an extender, it has to be clean and dry. We recommend coral sand for use in saltwater, and river or silica sand in freshwater.
  • Always use disposable gloves when shaping Reefscaper.
  • When applied to glass, the glass has to be degreased, dry and clean.