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  • Easy and safe placement of coral scions
  • Made of ceramic
  • Compatible with many commercially available frag rack holders, such as the ARKA myREEF®-FRAG RACKs
  • Fluted surface and a central indentation

Saltwater aquarium
Easy to use

The ARKA® myREEF® Plugs offer a simple and secure way of fixing coral scions in appropriate holders, such as the ARKA® myReef® Frag Racks, in the aquarium.

ARKA® myREEF® Plugs are made of a special ceramic and are ideal for use in marine aquariums.

ARKA® myREEF® Plugs have a ribbed surface and a central recess so that the coral scion can be securely attached to it using appropriate coral adhesives.

The lower part can be conveniently detached using pliers, which then allows the coral scion to be placed in the reef together with the respective plug.

Available sizes:
21 mm diameter 
Square: 27 cm width
Round: 30 mm diameter

Can be optimally combined with