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  • Individual placement of coral frags
  • Special silicone insert in the holes for a better grip
  • Compatible with many commercially available frag plugs

Saltwater aquarium
Easy to use

ARKA® myReef®-Frag Rack is ideal for individual placement of coral frags. The holes, which have a special silicone insert and a diameter of 15 mm, are compatible with many commercially available frag plugs and ensure a secure hold. The magnets used and all other materials are safe for use in every saltwater aquarium.

Diameter holes: 15 mm
Maximum glass thickness: 12 mm

Available sizes
8 holes:
 ~ 45 mm x 207 mm
16 holes: ~ 70 mm x 207 mm
32 holes: ~ 88 mm x 287 mm

Can be optimally combined with