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GEL FILTER Filter Starter

  • Innovative bacteria product
  • Maximizes cleaning intervalls of filters
  • Targeted application due to the gel form
  • Perfect for the start and cleaning of filters
  • Provides an immediate biological activity
  • Suitable for every filter medium

Saltwater & Freshwater
Higher cleaning intervals
Immediate effect
Biological ingredients


Gel Filter is an innovative bacterial product made from purely biological ingredients in gel form. Its task is to ensure that filters & filter media achieve immediate and effective biological activity in any marine and freshwater aquarium.



Thanks to its gel form, it enables effective application of a bacterial film – an essential factor for the settlement of the beneficial bacteria contained in the product and aquarium in the filter/filter media.



Gel Filter ensures that filters/filter media immediately become active biologically when used for the first time or after cleaning – while significantly enhancing their biological filter performance. This leads to much longer cleaning intervals, as organic fouling is better broken down.



It is used right at the start and each time after filters/filter media are cleaned.



Evenly dab it onto the filter medium in lines or dots. The dosage depends on the type and size of the filter medium.

Important: Do not apply over the entire surface!

FAQ Questions and answers

For this we recommend the use of our MICROBE-LIFT Gel Filter in freshwater aquariums as well as in seawater aquariums. This applies a biological bacterial film to the filter or the filter medium, which immediately becomes biologically active. Beneficial bacteria can settle in this bacterial film in a targeted and effective manner, meaning cleaning intervals can be significantly extended and the performance of the filter increased. The combination with our products MICROBE-LIFT Special Blend and Nite-Out II is ideal, as these contain a large number of effective, beneficial bacteria for the breakdown of organic waste in the aquarium, which can settle in the bacterial film.

The dosing quantity of our MICROBE-LIFT Gel Filter depends on the filter medium to which you want to dose. The filter or filter medium should be evenly wetted with the gel filter in lines or a "zigzag" pattern. A full-surface application should be avoided!

Thanks to its highly porous structure, our ARKA Aquatics reef ceramic is ideal as a settlement area for beneficial bacteria. Our reef ceramics can also be lightly and not extensively coated with our MICROBE-LIFT Gel Filter in order to further accelerate the biological activity.

Use directly in the aquarium according to the dosage instructions.

MICROBE-LIFT® is 100% harmless to humans, animals and plants. It is neither toxic nor pathogenic (disease-causing).

The MICROBE-LIFT® products do not work if pesticides or chemical algae killers are used. Please turn off UV lamps and ozone devices for 3 to 5 days for best results.

Yes, heavy metals in saltwater and freshwater aquariums ensure that bacteria almost completely stop important biological processes such as nitrification (conversion of ammonium/ammonia into nitrite and then nitrate) and denitrification (conversion of nitrate into nitrogen).

Unopened, you can store any of our MICROBE-LIFT bacterial products at room temperature. Only our product MICROBE-LIFT Nite-Out II should be stored in the refrigerator after opening.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with dosing the MICROBE-LIFT bacterial products with a dosing pump. However, this should have a back suction so that no residues remain in the corresponding hoses. Furthermore, it also applies here that you should only dose Special Blend, Thera P and Nite-Out II from the original bottle.

Our MICROBE-LIFT bacterial products can be kept for at least one year without refrigeration if stored properly (except for Nite-Out II, which must be placed in the refrigerator after opening).

No. Shake the MICROBE-LIFT® products before use and simply pour it into your aquarium.

When using the MICROBE-LIFT system, we recommend a weekly water change of 10 - 20%.

Tips & Tricks
  • For porous filter media such as ceramic rings, we recommend an application time of 15-30 minutes. To do this, add a sufficient amount of Gel Filter to the filter media and mix them together.
  • Always clean your filter media in a bucket containing aquarium water to preserve the beneficial bacteria and never in hot water!
  • Our gel filter is also suitable for activating rock and reef ceramics (brush finely).
  • HMF filters, which usually take a few weeks to break in, are immediately biologically active when using the gel filter (in combination with Special Blend and Nite-Out II).


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