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myBETTA-CARE Betta fish care

  • Promotes vitality and health
  • Protects gills, mucous membranes and fins
  • Increases the willingness to spawn
  • Reduces susceptibility in stressful situations

Optimal for betta fish
Vitality & well-being
Made from selected plant and herbal extracts
Mucous membrane protection

Care product for betta fish in every freshwater aquarium

Sustainably promotes the vitality, health and natural colourfulness of betta fish. It effectively protects their gills, mucous membranes and fins, increases their willingness to spawn and reduces their susceptibility in stressful situations.

The natural essences from the leaves and bark of the sea almond tree, selected plant and herbal extracts and essential vitamins have been optimised to meet the specific care requirements of betta fish.

Dosage incl. dosage calculator

Your aquarium
(net volume of water in litres)

Once per week 20 ml per 100 L of water

Add 20 ml of myBetta-Care to 100 litres of water once per week.

In case of problems, dosing can be performed daily for a period of one week with a dosage of 10 ml per 100 litres of water.

Tips & Tricks
  • Additionally use ARKA myBetta-Aqua for betta fish-friendly water in the aquarium.
  • We recommend regular water changes.

Can be optimally combined with

myBETTA-AQUA Water conditioner