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myBETTA-AQUA Water conditioner

  • Specially developed water purifier for betta fish
  • Prevents a dangerous increase in ammonium/ammonia & nitrite
  • Removes chlorine/chloramine
  • Removes heavy metals
  • Protects the mucous membranes and gills of your fish
  • Perfect for the start of a new aquarium and for water changes

Optimal for betta fish
Neutralises ammonia
Neutralises nitrite
Detoxifies heavy metals

Water conditioner for betta fish-friendly water

Ensures water suitable for betta fish in every freshwater aquarium by effectively and reliably converting ammonium/ammonia into harmless inorganic salts, detoxifying nitrite, removing chlorine/chloramines and heavy metals and also protecting the mucous membranes and fins of the fish.

Tap water can thus be made safe for use in betta fish aquariums quickly and sustainably, creating the most important basis for an ideal fish habitat.

Dosage incl. dosage calculator

Your aquarium
(net volume of water in litres)

Upon need 10 ml per 100 L of water

Add 10 ml of myBetta-Aqua per 100 litres of water.

The specified dosing quantity refers to the amount of water newly added to the aquarium. When restarting with tap water or dosing in problematic cases (e.g. nitrite value too high, heavy metals in the water, etc.), the dosing quantity is calculated based on the total amount of water contained in the aquarium.

Tips & Tricks
  • Additionally use ARKA myBetta-Care for the ideal care of your betta fish.
  • We recommend regular water changes.

Can be optimally combined with

myBETTA-CARE Betta fish care