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All advantages

  • 100% biological
  • Innovative bacteria product
  • Maximizes cleaning intervalls of filters
  • Targeted application due to the gel form
  • Perfect for the start and cleaning of filters
  • Provides an immediate biological activity
  • Suitable for every filter medium

Gel Filter Filterstarter

Gel Filter is an innovative bacterial product in gel form for all saltwater and freshwater aquariums; it significantly enlarges cleaning intervals of filters and permanently improves water quality.

Because of its gel form, Gel Filter clings to many different filter media, which causes beneficial microorganisms to settle on the filter, causing the targeted break down of organic contaminants.

Gel Filter immediately makes the filter media biologically active.

Available sizes:
•  4 oz. (118 ml)
•  8 oz. (236 ml)
•  16 oz. (473 ml)


Evenly dab it onto the filter medium in lines or dots.

The dosage depends on the type and size of the filter medium.


  • For porous filter media such as ceramic rings, we recommend an application time of 15-30 minutes.
  • Repeat the application when you clean your filter or start using a new filter medium.
  • Ideal in combination with Special Blend & Nite-Out II.
  • Always clean your filter media in a bucket containing aquarium water to preserve the beneficial bacteria and never in hot water!
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