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ZEOPURE Zeolite coarse 5 – 9 mm

  • Premium zeolite with a clinoptilolite content of approx. 90% 
  • Adsorbs ammonia
  • Reduces nitrite and nitrate
  • Increases the vitality
  • Lays the foundation for perfect water quality

Saltwater & Freshwater
Premium zeolite
Removes waste materials
Settlement area for bacteria

Zeopure is a premium zeolite with a clinoptilolite content of approx. 90 % for the effective removal of pollutants and the sustainable prevention of unwanted growth of algae in every saltwater and freshwater aquarium.

Zeopure adsorbs ammonium / ammonia, before it is converted into nitrite and nitrate in the nitrification chain. As a result, the nitrate content can be reduced in a safe and biological manner. Existing pollutants (e. g. phosphates) will be effectively reduced and removed via abrasion in the skimmer or filter floss.

Zeopure is the ideal settlement area for beneficial bacteria and thus contributes to a sustainable biological balance in the aquarium.

Dosage incl. dosage calculator

Your aquarium
(net volume of water in litres)

Initial dosage: 90 g per 100 L of water
After 1 week: existing Zeopure + 0-270 g per 100 L of water

Use 100 ml (90 g) per 100 litres of water.

After a week, add a maximum of 300 ml (270 g) to the existing dosage, if needed.

Before application, thoroughly rinse Zeopure under water to remove abrasion.

Tips & Tricks
  • Wash Zeopure thoroughly under running tap water or osmosis water to remove any abrasion. 
  • Place Zeopure in a location with good flow in the filter or technical tank. 
  • Use the enclosed filter bag to simplify handling. 
  • Zeopure is ideal for use in a zeolite reactor, please observe the manufacturer's flow rate specifications.
  • Avoid sediment and detritus deposits by shaking it up daily.


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