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  • Grain: 50 Micron
  • Clinoptilolite content of approx. 90 %,
  • Effective removal of pollutants
  • Adsorbs ammonium
  • Lowers the nitrate content
  • Easy and safe to use

Saltwater & Freshwater
Premium zeolite
Removes waste materials
Clean water

Zeopure Powder is a premium 50 micron grade zeolite with a clinoptilolite content of approx. 90 % for the effective removal of pollutants or in case of other issues in every saltwater and freshwater aquarium.

Zeopure Powder adsorbs ammonium / ammonia, before it is converted into nitrite and nitrate in the nitrification chain. As a result, the nitrate content can be reduced in a safe and biological manner. Existing pollutants (e. g. phosphates) will be effectively reduced and removed via the skimmer or filter floss.

Zeopure Powder is ideal for problematic cases, e. g. with cyanobacteria (blue-green algae).

Dosage incl. dosage calculator

Your aquarium
(net volume of water in litres)

Direct addition: 1 level teaspoon per 100 L of water
level teaspoon

Direct addition:
Add a level teaspoon to 100 liters of water directly into the aquarium in a place with a good flow or mix the required amount with a little water beforehand.

Stock solution:
Put 5-10 tablespoons in a canister with 5 liters of distilled water. Use 50 ml of this stock solution per 100 liters of water. Shake well before each use!

The dosage should take place twice a week, in problem cases daily.

Tips & Tricks
  • Zeopure Powder causes strong water turbidity. However, after a few hours, the water will be crystal clear.
  • Use only distilled or ultrapure water for the stock solution.
  • If you have problems with cyanobacteria (blue-green algae), use Zeopure Powder with Special Blend and Nite-Out II.

Product video

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